Tips for Sun Studio

Cash and the King made it popular, but did you know the first rock 'n' roll song was recorded at Sun by Jackie Breston and the Delta Cats in 1951? "Rocket 88" had Ike Turner on the keyboards.

- Memphis Travel

This Studio opened on January 3rd, 1950 & was originally called the Memphis Recording Service. Elvis Presley recorded his first song here.


Don't stand in the street to take pictures.

- Antonio Ortega

wanted to make the experience more authentic but the tour guide refused to let me do cocaine off a prostitute's breast even if I provided my own cocaine.

- Andrew Healan

Sun Studio

Yes Memphis, that's THE Stanley Cup. I was proud to be able to bring it here in April of 2004. Drop a few beats and the puck!

- Steve Giglio

Truly hallowed ground!

- Sally Burnett

Two Japanese tourists took a short, shuffling tour through the history of this legendary recording studio in Mystery Train, Jim Jarmusch's paean to the spirit of Memphis.

- The Criterion Collection

While you're waiting for your tour to start, have a milkshake. They're really good.

- Kerry Crawford

Sun Studio

So much rich history. I loved this place. Some of the best American music of all time was recorded here. Touch elvis' mic and the killers piano.

- Sam Svita

Grab a drink and hang out at the counter before your tour. The staff is amazing and fun to talk to (most of them are in bands or produce or do other cool stuff).

- Allison Kasic

Sun Studio

Do the tour! I recommend starting at Sun Studio before heading to any of the other music spots. Lays a solid foundation for everything else you will learn.

- Yaeka Katsuta

It a cool place & Great museum of the starting of Rock & Roll ;)

- Brad F

Sam Phillips spent much of his time here creating music that changed the world forever.

- Brian aussierockman1

Usually hate tours, but this one was really, really good. The tour guide was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

- Tash Concepcion

Sign up for the tour online so you don't arrive to find the next sold out. But it's probably only an hour wait if you do.

- Clinton Pittman

Bring a baby with under 5 can't take the tour but they'll give you a company ticket for the baby and the adult that has to wait with the baby. So baby=free ticket!

- Erin Shea

Sorry to spoil it folks, but it doesn't get better than this!

- Memphis Vic

It's silly to go and NOT take the tour. The tour is well worth the $$

- Chef Stacy LaRoche

Sun Studio is one Memphis' coolest, most fun museums. It's only $12 per person, tours last less than an hour, and all of the guides are local musicians.

- Kerry Crawford

Muita história do Rei do Rock!

- Beth Klein

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