Tips for The Slider Inn

Free WiFi, incredible food, and excellent service.

- Liz Love

Dear Jason B... If you want sweet tea, go to McAlister's. Slider Inn is what it is. Get over it or bring your own simple syrup.

- Emily Adams

Best chilli ever!!

- Joslyn Jackson

Highly recommend sex trivia on Monday night.

- Mary C

The lobster roll is a little bit pricey, but it's worth the splurge. It's a ton of lobster salad on a thick bun with tons of fries.

- Kerry Crawford

Original sliders are awesome. Patio is perfect. Really enjoyed this place.

- Erin Willis

Chick-N-Fill-Ay Sliders - all the deliciousness, none of the homophobia!

- Carrie Brown-Smith

You guys, I'm giving you an insider tip so take it... Try the 'Breakfast Sliders'! It isn't on the menu, you have to know about them. Bacon, egg, and cheese with a touch of mayonnaise. Heaven!

- David White

I like the new heated outdoor patio with big screen TV. $10 lunch special is a great deal.

- Carrie Brown-Smith

Awesome buffalo chicken sliders but totally bummed they dropped the best burger sliders, blue cheese and onion!

- Laura S

If you dare, try the Big Deuce, Slider Inn's double-decker slider. It's about five inches tall, so you may have to bite into it sideways.

- The Commercial Appeal

This is the only place in town that serves an authentic New England lobster roll on its regular menu. This is one of my favorite delicacies. Try it.. It's delicious!!

- Shannon Morgan

This check-in is B.S.

- John DπŸ‘Ί

Best jukebox in midtown.

- Liz Love

The food is just as good as Bardog. And that means it is good.

- Jake Williams

Great special: the meatball slider. It was pretty fly, but the Flat Iron was my favorite.

- Alexis Boyle

The Slider Inn

OMG! The lobster roll was so tasty! My mouth is watery for more πŸ’¦. And the best part the lobster is fresh - it's flown in from Maine & is available on the menu cook to order. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars

- Jacqui Green

Just had a beer and picked up a great take-out meal. Phenomenal local spot: Great food, great people, and great atmosphere! I probably stop by here too much, but it is great - and locally owned!

- J.D. Hill

The best damn juke box in Memphis...

- Gina Davis

The Slider Inn

I know it's a slider joint, but try the nachos. They're seriously tasty.

- Kerry Crawford

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