Tips for Tokyo Grill

Great amount of sushi and quality for the price. Not a fan of the miso soup, but everything else is great!

- Matthew Craig

The bento boxes are great!

- Kelz Horn

They have a great deal 3 rolls of sushi and a cup of miso soup for $9.95! Such a great deal!

- Ben Young

It's disappointing that they only use styrofoam and plastic utensils

- Nick Landers™

Tempura is awesome as is the seaweed salad.

- Steve Zvolanek

The hibachi is good and inexpensive ...the miso is terrible! Can get a combo hibachi meal with tip included for $7.95

- Susie K

Try the crispy wings with extra chef sauce .... You will not be disappointed

- Kelle Isabel

Tokyo Grill

Tokyo Grill's sushi is good, but their pine nut tuna salad is the best.

- Kerry Crawford

Great value for money. Loved the Salmon Hibatchi. The Crab Rangoon is good, too, but I prefer mine with Chinese red sauce.

- Gavin Anderson

Great value for the money. The sushi rolls are really big for my taste. salmon roll was delicious.

- Laschandra Spraggins

I made the mistake of dining in. Definitely take out. The food is prepared in such a way (especially with the soup in mind). Don't order the tempura. I'd get hibachi or sushi. Miso tasted packaged.

- Julian Poon

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