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Memphis' only interactive arts lounge and restaurant!

Best sushi hibachi and Chinese to takeout and dining

"Ain't no cooking like "Kountry Cookin"

Best sushi hibachi and Chinese to carryout and dining.

Vegan/Vegetarian Southern Style Food

Curry Bowl intend to serve food with a menu that honors tradition while reinventing it. Our food is simple, fresh and flavorful that appeals to five senses

Proprietor: Glenda Hastings Managing Partner: Rusty Prudhon Culianary Team: Craig Neal Martin Romo Victor Williams Andrew Butler Tenured Serving Staff: Jan Tredway Brian Siu, Jacque Davis Gena Marie

If your looking for an authentic Thai food. Come see us here at the Emerald Thai, where our chefs will leave your mouth watering and surprised with the taste of food brought from Thailand. You can spice it up to whichever levels you insist.


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